Flexible solutions for mid-term rental.

With Leasys Rent's medium term rental, you can rent the car that best suits your needs, up to a maximum of 11 months.
Medium-term rentals are designed for individuals, freelancers and companies looking for a flexible product, without restrictions and at competitive rates.

Medium-Term rental
(up to 11 months)
Road Assistance
Wide choice of vehicles
Replacement Car
Guaranteed Price (for 11 months)
No penalty for advance return
(after the 1st month)

Medium-Term formula up to 11 months

Subscribe program for booking
Subscribe program for booking

The 11 month Leasys Rent rental is a modern mobility solution that allows you to free yourself from the financial burdens associated with the property of a vehicle.

Who is it for?
Private individuals, Freelancers and Companies

The advantages of the 11 month rental rates::

  • An "ALL INCLUSIVE" monthly fee with the possibility of customization by adding optional services such as the elimination of any maximum amounts chargeable for damage and theft or an extra driver.
  • A price set for the first month and guaranteed for the whole duration of the rental.
  • Automatic monthly online Credit Card payment.
  • Maximum freedom thanks to the possibility of interrupting the rental even after the first month without paying any penalty.

What is included in the monthly fee?

Roadside assistance, maintenance, insurance, taxes, VAT and all financial expenses related to the management of the vehicle.

Read also Medium Term rental's Terms and Conditions

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